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Cost In
  • Implants: $ 5,000
  • Crowns: $ 1,520
  • Dentures: 2,300
  • Root canal: $ 1,600


Cost In
  • Implants: $ 2,480
  • Crowns: $ 520
  • Dentures: $ 890
  • Root canal: $ 300

We would like to remind you that the prices may vary according to the current Euro-AUD exchange rate. The treatment plan will be put together according to the x-ray you send us beforehand. Please note, that his may not show your real dental state. A final plan and price will be made in person at the dental clinics with the current Euro-AUD exchange rate.
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We only undertake the guarantee for the dental treatments performed by the doctors of Vitadent – Clinic Dentistry and at the Vitadent – Clinic Dentistry, for their dentures and dental fittings.

The warranty only applies to repairing or re-preparing the provided dental fittings and dental work. The guarantee does not apply to the costs of travel, accommodation, residence or otherwise incurring expenses (for example absence from work).

Warranty intervention is only performed at the clinic of Vitadent-Clinic Dentistry (Of course, in case of loss of confidence, you can choose another practitioner to perform the warranty intervention within the surgery).

Vitadent-Clininc Dentistry does not reimburse the cost of a warranty intervention that was carried out at another surgery.

The following options are available for notification of a warranty claim:

• Personally at 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, 4, Szent László square

• Through the call centre, on the following phone number: +36 703600336

• In the form of an electronic letter, at info@vitadent-clinic.com

Even our warranty does not cover any circumstances:

Of course, there are such external factors that we cannot influence, which exclude the enforceability of the guarantee, but these factors can be avoided with due diligence. Our warranty does not cover:

• inflammatory diseases of the pulp, parodontium, gum inflammation, and inflammatory diseases related to root-canal treatment

• fracture or damage resulting from improper use, such as bites on bones, seeds or hard objects, straining or flawing of teeth veneers or crowns due to a tearing movement

• damage caused by dropping, knocking or other physical damage to the denture

• damage caused by non-preparing and non-wearing the splint which eases the night-time hold, recommended by the physician, which, due to the clamping movement of the tooth, leads to the porcelain veneer chipping and its cracking

• damage due to illnesses independent of dental treatment

• intervention by other dentists in whole or in part

• deliberate damage

• injury from an accident.

The warranty is only valid if you:

• take care of your teeth properly, keep to the dental hygiene regulations as prescribed by your dentist,

• appear at your dentist’s check-up (every 6 months or every year) in our dental office (special regulations for patients from large geographical distance, e.g.: Australia)

• have those maintenance-related treatments (for example plaque removal, relining dentures) no later than 30 days, which your dentist recommends,

• keep the dental fittings clean in the prescribed way,

• use the dental fittings properly, expose them only to physiological chewing forces that do not lead to overstimulation of the dentures,

• the dentures are not exposed to trauma, bone and gum disease,

• pay for all interventions.

The warranty is invalidated if:

• the treatment at the patient’s request differs from the intervention proposed by the dentist,

• the patient does not appear on the half-year check,

• the patient smokes excessively,

• inadequate nutrition and / or bad habits that jeopardize the integrity and health of the tooth

• there is a chronic disease which has a negative effect on the condition of the teeth and the dental fittings (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, tumorous diseases, radiation and condition after chemotherapy)

• After the treatment such allergies, dental diseases and their consequences appear that were not known before the treatment,

• the dental fitting or implant is subject to extreme stress (teeth grinding, teeth pressure) and, as a result, damage to the denture,

• abnormal use of the dental fitting thus damage to the tooth (such as dropped dentures, sports injuries)

• the denture is damaged due to an accident,

• the patient does not have the suggested night guard bite raising appliance constructed or does not wear it, resulting in the fracture of porcelain cover due to excessive pressure of the dentures,

• the patient performs the treatment and dental work proposed by our dental clinic at another clinic,

• in the case of porcelain veneer, strains the prosthetic’s porcelain covering and it breaks,

• implantation will not take place within the planned time (long-term temporary prosthesis, which is a replacement taking place before the implant)

Our dentistry is not responsible for any unforeseen root treatment. It can rarely happen, that the tooth may have a trauma during the preparations for various prosthesis (crown, bridge), which may require root canal treatment.

In case dental repair or treatment is needed under warranty, it can only be done at the Vita-Dent clinic.